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    2. Do you want to sell sugar water or do you want to change the world?

      Explore cdixon.org (Aug 28 2011)

      ... to Kathmandu, Nepal three years ago and trained up 35 Ruby on Rails engineers. We are launching a product at Techcrunch Disrupt in SF Sept 12th that we hope can create work for 1 million people in developing countries. ... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Jack Dorsey   Apple   New York

    3. Vinod Khosla: “I was much more of a glorified recruiter.”

      Explore venturehacks.com (Oct 7 2010)

      ...Vinod Khosla at TechCrunch Disrupt: “I think the single, most important fact about doing a startup is being clear about your vision and not letting it get distorted by what pundits and experts tell you. “But th... (Read Full Article)

      Mentions:   Vinod Khosla   Techcrunch Disrupt

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